Former Perry Town Board Member pleads guilty to murder

Posted at 11:07 AM, Oct 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-11 11:10:04-04

A former Perry Town Board member accused of leading a double life and shooting and killing a man outside his home has pleaded guilty to Second Degree Murder.  Joseph Mlyniec admitted he shot and killed 32-year-old Robert Irvine III outside his home on Route 246 on March 7th.  

A motion filed in Wyoming County Court in April by District Attorney Donald O'Geen suggested that Mlyniec and Irvine had a sexual relationship in the past.  The document went on to say Mlyniec would, "lure troubled young men to his farm, then groom them for sexual favors and in return provide them money, food, or both," while publicly living as a happily married man.  State Police had questioned Mlyniec about a rape allegation last year. 

Mlyniec will be sentenced to 15 years to life in prison.  Law enforcement will be providing more details at a press conference Friday morning in Wyoming County.  Sentencing is scheduled for November.

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