Food stamp changes worrying business owner

Posted at 11:21 PM, Feb 13, 2018

The Trump administration released their plan for the 2019 budget. In the budget was an announcement to reduce spending on the SNAP program, which provides food stamps. 

Reducing the program would be done through "America's Harvest Boxes". These boxes would be filled with products using portions of what an individual would usually get via food stamps. Whatever amount is left over from the box could be used by individuals for other purchases. 

Samson Fadel, manager of Lucky Mart, is concerned for his business. If the amount of spending money in food stamps decreases, then he could lose business.

"Sometimes (food stamps) would be half of today's income, sometimes there are days when it gets to be more" Fadel said. 

The Trump administration says that the change to food stamps would be used to cut fraud and enhance nutrition. They anticipate it would save more than $129 billion over ten years. 

The budget is just in its proposal stage so it still needs to be debated at the federal level before it becomes a reality. 

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