Florists hope WNYers think local for Valentines

Posted at 5:56 PM, Feb 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-14 17:56:50-05

Valentines Day nationwide is the second best day for flower sales behind Mother's Day. This meant that both Trillium's Courtyard in Amherst and Buffalo's Best Flowers in Williamsville were seeing great crowds during the day. 

"We will be here probably until about 9:00pm with people coming in, especially after (people are done) with work" Buffalo's Best owner Steve Monaco said. 

This type of success is becoming more and more rare for florists nationwide. According to the New York Times between 2000-2016 40% of the floral industry in the US closed partially, they believe, due to internet shopping and the increase of supermarkets and other convenience stores selling flowers. 

This has been a trend that both Buffalo's Best and Trillium's have been keeping their eye on. 

"With the mass marketers and the grocery stores coming in they have changed the industry" Trillium's owner Cathy McGovern said. 

Both McGovern and Monaco believe that shopping locally for flowers has a lot of advantages. Mainly in the personal interactions that come with buying from a local florist. 

"You know when you come to a local business you get local treatment" Monaco said. 

McGovern,also agrees with that, as she said having a staff dedicated to flowers makes for a more wholesome product. 

"We handle every single flower that comes into the store. It's processed and taken care of lovingly" McGovern said. 

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