First time students get head start at 'kindercamp'

Posted at 12:24 PM, Aug 09, 2017

Students at the Buffalo United Charter School got a glimpse of what their daily classroom routine would look like at Kindercamp.

The four-day program helps first time students learn the rules of the classroom, meet their teachers and make friends ahead of their first day of school. This is all so students are comfortable with their first classroom experience and can work out their separation jitters. 

Sometimes this experience is harder on parents than it is on students. "Sometimes, the kids are like 'bye mom, bye dad' and they're gone and the parents are in the hall with administrators crying," says Jamie Peld, Dean of Students at Buffalo United Charter School. 

Students are also tested at Kindercamp, so teachers can gauge their learning ability and individually tailor instruction.

The experience helps students, teachers and parents ease into a year of academic success.