First day jitters for students heading to class

Posted at 11:21 PM, Sep 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-06 16:10:27-04

The sun is setting on another summer, and with a nearly perfect Labor Day in western New York, it seemed like everyone one was soaking up every last drop of sunshine.

Technically, astronomical summer is over on September 22nd. Unofficially, say sayonara to summertime. Especially, if you're a kid. Most head back to school, Tuesday.

And plenty of kids were enjoying their last day of summer.

“I went to Fantasy Island. It was beautiful,” Santana Simpson, who is about to be a fourth grader.

“I like summers because you have no school,” wisely said soon-to-be fifth grader, Brodie Utz.

“It didn't feel that quick, this summer. I mean we did a lot,” said Brodie’s seventh grade brother, Griffin.

“It was kind of decent. But, now that I'm a freshman, I think that it will be better that I'm going to school,” said Wafeerly Feaster from Buffalo.

Not even a day on the boat, the bike, or in the lake could quell those first day jitters. But most were excited.

“I'm sort of pumped up!” said Brodie Utz.

“It's good to go back to school because you need to learn and think,” said Simpson.

The fleeting light of another summer has gone by, but for students, it's the dawn of a fresh school year.