Firefighter gives surrendered dog a new home

Posted at 12:11 PM, Mar 16, 2018

The Grand Island Fire Company came to the rescue of two dogs last weekend., and one of those four-legged friends now has a new home with one of the volunteer firefighters.

An elderly women called for help in her Bedell Road home just before one p.m. on Sunday. When firefighters arrived she told them she was unable to care for her dog anymore, and she wanted to surrender the dog to a dog control officer. The Grand Island Fire Company believes the dog would have been euthanized if he couldn't be adopted.

The elderly woman was transported to Kenmore Mercy Hospital for follow up treatment, and the volunteer firefighters cared for the dog while waiting for the dog control officer to arrive to pick up the dog.

One of those firefighters, Tommy Shanor, fell in love with the dog and he and his wife decided to adopt him.

Just two hours later, the Grand Island Fire Company responded to a motor vehicle accident on the north Grand Island Bridge. First responders found a dog inside the semi-truck, but the dog's owner needed to go to the hospital for follow up treatment. Captain Jourdain Benoit took care of the dog until the town's dog control officer could reunite the dog with the family.

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