Finding the purr-fect fit will require some planning

Posted at 5:45 AM, Nov 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-29 08:17:26-05

A new animal shelter has opened its doors in Amherst. And if it seems familiar, that’s because it probably is.

The staff from one animal rescue broke off and became their own entity after that shelter closed in its earlier location a few months ago.

Now, “Purr-Fect Fit Animal Rescue and Adoption Center, Inc.” is fully operational…and at capacity.

“We can only take so many,” said shelter manager Chris Wiehe.

“I have to think about the animals that are here and the harmony especially with older cats, and my money just goes so far.”

With 46 cats and kittens, in addition to the dogs that are fostered in homes, the shelter’s bills are adding up.

Adoptions cost close to 100 dollars, and there have been 28 so far in the month of November.

$2,800 doesn’t even come close to covering the nearly $8,000 bills the shelter incurs over the course of a month.

“A lot of that is vet care, we take very very good care of our animals.”

The shelter is no-kill. 

It takes it cats and kittens that are abandoned, injured, or sick, and gets them all treated by their veterinarians before allowing them to be adopted.

It’s why Wiehe is very selective about who she allows to take an animal home. Especially families that might come in looking for a gift for young children.

“I watch how they handle the cats, I watch how their parents discipline them or don’t discipline them.”

If a family has pets at home, a call will be made to the household vet to confirm the animal is in good health and comes in for yearly exams and shots.

“If you’re not going to treat your animal like your child, please do not get one.”

Parents need to plan for getting a pet if they decide this holiday season is the right time. 

Remember: if you’re buying one for the kids, you’re really getting a pet for yourself.

“Your children are going to get sick of it and you’re going to be the one who is scooping the litter and feeding and all of that.”

The shelter is surviving off of donations and volunteer hours. It is asking the community this season to consider a monetary gift instead of an adoption if now isn’t the right time for your family.

That way, they won’t have to consider turning away any kittens come January. 

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