Finally! A way for Buffalonians to date only in their 'League'

Posted at 2:52 AM, Oct 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-24 09:58:04-04

According to E-harmony - 50% of New York State residents are single.

More than 40% of them date online.

With so many options for apps out there, many say there are not a lot of features that set apps or websites apart from each other.

Meredith Davis is the head of communications for The League.

"There are tons of dating apps out there that are the young twenties," she said. "But, our core demographic is [ages] 25-35."

An “invite only” dating app called "The League”, is working to stand out in the crowd.

It launched Tuesday night here in the Queen city.

"The singles in Buffalo who want The League, should also have it, even if its going to be a smaller community."

The League first launched in San Francisco in 2015, and as of this week it is now live in 57 - carefully selected - cities.

The app was only in major metropolitan cities at first, but creators say Buffalo’s 3,000+ user waitlist encouraged the team to launch the app to our city.

"The thing that makes us really unique is that we authenticate with LinkedIn," Davis tells us.

"We’re one of the only dating apps that authenticates with LinkedIn."

Davis added that the authentication process where profiles go through an algorithm, before a human review panel, isn’t about being pretentious.

"This is not about how much money you make at all, this is about... are you driven, and are you ambitious?"

The League's launch in Buffalo Tuesday only had 500 users selected.

Curators are relying on word-of-mouth to grow the community, and eventually expand the dating pool of accepted users.

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