Fiat Chrysler joins BMW-Intel autonomous car partnership

Fiat Chrysler joins BMW-Intel autonomous car partnership
Posted at 5:22 AM, Aug 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-16 05:22:44-04

Fiat Chrysler is teaming up with BMW and Intel to develop an autonomous-driving system.


The companies say the system will be used by automakers worldwide to run self-driving vehicles. It will be flexible so automakers can keep their unique brand identities.


The move is the latest in a series of acquisitions and partnerships announced by auto and technology companies as they race to deploy self-driving vehicles.


Fiat Chrysler also has a partnership to provide vehicles and install technology developed by Waymo, Google's autonomous car unit. A Fiat Chrysler spokeswoman says the partnership will continue.


Computer chip maker Intel recently acquired Israel's Mobileye, a leader in software that integrates autonomous car sensors. BMW, Intel and Mobileye announced an autonomous vehicle partnership in 2016.



Financial details of the FCA-Intel-BMW deal weren't disclosed.