Fantasy Island offering a scary good time for the whole family

Posted at 4:18 AM, Oct 04, 2018

There's something for everyone, from the smallest trick-or-treaters to adults looking for a bone-chilling scare at Fantasy Island this Halloween!

Fantasy Island's Halloween Horror runs through October 28th. There's three scare zones, a haunted house and a new haunted attraction called "Midway Mayhem." There's also a "Haunted Shoot Out," a murder mystery show and a haunted train ride!

Even the food at Fantasy Island has a new Halloween twist. You can snack on mummy fingers (funnel cake fries), warm apple cider, batwings (chicken wings), pumpkin drizzled churros, blacklight cotton candy and so much more! The park will also sell s'mores kits and have bonfires lit around the park for you to roast your marshmallows.

The park will be completely transformed, offering trick-or-treat, haybale mazes, crafts and pumpkin painting for the kids and scares lurking around every corner by night.

All attractions are included with the price of admission, the exception of one 4-D experience that costs $5. If you buy a season pass right now, you'll be able to enjoy the rest of Halloween Horror and the entire 2019 season! 

Tickets are available online for a discounted rate.

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