Fans excited to experience UFC 210

Posted at 11:24 PM, Apr 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-08 23:24:39-04

From near and far, thousands from all around the nation flooded the Keybank Center to experience the UFC 210 fight in Buffalo Saturday night.

"I'm from Tonawanda," said Nick Kenyon.

"I'm from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania," said Tyler Bason. "Drove six hours to get here!"

And to say people are excited is an understatement.

"It's the most exciting sport on earth are you kidding?!" said Michael Hunt. "I like guys getting punched in the face... forget boxing! Conor McGregor, we love you baby!"

"This is an event that's once in a lifetime you could say!" said Kory Bluman.

But it's not the first time UFC fans have walked the streets of Buffalo. Last time was 1995, before the State had banned mixed martial arts. But back then, downtown wasn't what it is today.

"I'm a little bit surprised, but at the same time it's pretty cool because it's kind of close to us so we're definitely excited for it," said David Smith, who drove from Fort Jennings, Ohio.

By 'kind of close', Smith means a six hour drive from his hometown. But no matter the distance, the fans all have different reasons for loving the sport.

"It's never say die basically," said Craig Siemms, from Toronto. "We've seen guys that basically have been knocked down for the last two rounds then come up in the third round and win a fight. It's never over til' it's over."

"I wrestled in High School and a lot of high level wrestlers this is where they go," said Bason. "There's not much for wrestling after college."

But they all had similar things they were looking forward to seeing.

"I think we all came here for a certain thing," said Kenyon. "We want to see people pretty much beat each other up. I'm not going to sugar coat it."

"I'm looking forward to seeing someone get knocked out hands down," said Hunt. 

While the stadium remained packed, so did 716 as fans got to experience the fight Buffalo style.