Family out of the hospital, no arrests in Lackawanna fire

Posted at 11:17 PM, Aug 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-28 23:18:14-04

The memories are fresh for Yaser Soliman. 

“It started here, traveled up and engulfed the whole building,” Soliman said next to the Ingham Avenue apartment where his family used live. 

The apartments were destroyed by a fire in April. Soliman says it’s being investigated as an arson. Four families were in this Lackawanna apartment building, including Soliman's. The fire started in the main hallway. With their exit blocked, some jumped from the second story, others ran through the fire, including children.

“She's still scarred. She still has scars on her face and my nephew still has scars all over his body,” said Soliman about his family.

Now, everyone is out of the hospital, but no arrests have been made in the case. Despite that, Soliman and his family remain hopeful.

“Justice takes time sometimes but we're optimistic that whoever did this is going to be brought to justice,” said Soliman.

The Lackawanna police chief says his department is still actively investigating the fire.
There is still a $10,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest. 

Soliman and his family say they are working closely with New York State Senator Tim Kennedy to honor the firefighters that went into the burning home and rescued a child and his mother.