Family fun for Christmas vacation

Posted at 8:23 AM, Dec 30, 2015

Elijah Bennett, 6, and his best friends are hard a play.

“This is a really fun place to hang out so we came here,” Bennett said.

 It is all happening at Explore and More in East Aurora.

“My friend and me were going to start building a house with these other kids so that's what we're doing,” Bennett said.

It is not only fun and games for the many kids. The program gives parents a little break during Christmas Vacation.

“Last time we came here we stayed for three hours. He ran and ran and it’s the first time he's taken a nap in a year,” mom Sarah Young said.

Explore and More has their regular playtime this week 10-5, with some fun activities starting at 11 am.

“It is our family fun week which we always have during break and we are calling it light up your imagination week. We have squishy circuits and toy take-a-part,” Explore and More Marketing Director Jennifer Fee said.

Another group having some fun this week, the Buffalo Museum of Science on Humbolt Street in Buffalo. They are open from 10-4pm with some winter inspired activities.
Officials at both places said this is not only hands on fun but also educational.

“Gives kids the experiences they may not be getting elsewhere and it supplements what they are getting in the classroom. It's something they can explore with their hands and figure things out for themselves,” Fee said.

Young added.

“It's a great place for our kids to come here to relax but learn,” Young said.

As for Bennett, he said it is not a vacation without exploration.

“There is so many things to do and it's all about history. There's just a lot of good stuff here,” Bennett said.






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