Falls pay $500,000 to assault victim of former officer

Posted at 1:37 PM, Feb 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-09 16:16:06-05

The City of Niagara Falls has reached a $500,000 settlement with a woman sexually assaulted by a former police officer who's now serving time in federal prison.

According to The Buffalo News, the woman was assaulted by then-Officer Ryan Warme in 2007. She notified Niagara Falls Police, who reportedly promised her Warme would not handle any future calls to her Packard Court apartment complex. But he did. And the woman was assaulted again by Warme in September of that year. 

According to court documents, Warme told the woman he would take her to the Tuscarora Indian Reservation and kill her if she told anyone. 

Warme was sentenced in 2010 to 13 years and nine months in federal prison for groping a woman during a traffic stop and dealing crack cocaine while on duty. 

A federal indictment also accuses him of raping a woman and having sex with a prostitute while on duty as well. 



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