FAIR wants to put lid on infrastructure gap.

Posted at 11:49 AM, Mar 11, 2016

FAIR is crying foul!

Local representatives from across Western New York, including Senator Michael Razenhofer and Assemblyman Robin Schimminger teamed up with the Co-Chair of the Fair Apportionment of Infrastructure Revenues Committee, calling on state officials to close the funding gap on infrastructure between upstate and downstate New York. 

"There currently exists a $6 billion disparity between the funding of roads, bridges and public transportation between New York State DOT and the Metropolitan Transit Authority," Carley Hill, Co-Chair of FAIR says. 

Senator Ranzenhofer feels as if the Governor's proposed budget would widen the gap. "Governor Cuomo's budget proposal shortchanges Upstate New York roads and bridges by $6 billion, resulting in more state dollars going down to state's Metropolitan Transit Authority." 

Assemblyman Schimminger says that the Youngman Highway Bridge over Parker Boulevard is in rough shape. "According to officials, chunks of concrete periodically fall down onto Parker Boulevard. This isn't right. Residents deserve safe roads and bridges, and that can only happen if projects are funded equally across the state." 

Hill says government and local businesses gave millions of dollars to help create and maintain local attractions such as Navel Park and Canalside. "Yet to get here, visitors must use a deteriorating transportation system that is an embarrassment to our region and a terrible message to the people who visit these attractions."