Facebook money giveaway: Is it for real?

Posted at 7:31 AM, Dec 16, 2015

Facebook users across the country are learning from friends that Facebook is handing out money.

Among them is a man who now wants others to know what it's really all about.

Bizarre Message From Friend

Philip Martin logged onto his Facebook page the other day, and learned a friend of his had just won money.

"She said 'how are you doing, Phil.' I said 'I'm doing fine'. She said 'I'm so happy, because I just won $25,000 from Facebook.'"

His friend told him it was due to a special Facebook promotion.

"She said it's for people who have been on Facebook for several years, and they randomly pick them to receive cash."

His friend said she had good news for him, too. "She said when they delivered the money, I saw that your name was also on the list," he said.

She then linked him to another webpage, where a Facebook executive named Calvin Max told him "Congratulations, you've won."

What's the Catch?

The supposed Facebook executive claimed Martin also had $25,000 coming his way, as soon as he paid file fees, label fees, and shipping fees.

"He said to claim your prize, you'll need to send $700 through Money Gram," Martin said.

That sounded suspicious. So Martin decided to call his friend on the phone, where he learned it wasn't her who sent the messages.

It turns out someone had hacked her Facebook page, possibly due to her falling for a "phishing" scam.

There are several versions of this scam.

  • Some say its a Facebook anniversary award.
  • Some say you have received a Facebook grant.
  • The newest claims Powerball is giving a million dollars to random Facebook users.

But it's not really your friend messaging you.

"I've always been told all my life that nothing is free in this world. And if it is free, you don't pay for it," Martin said.

Remember: Facebook is not giving out sweepstakes money, grant money, or loyalty money,

It's all a scam to get you to pay. So don't waste your money.


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