What can teachers learn from this past school year?

Posted at 7:19 AM, Jul 13, 2020

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — Moving her lessons to YouTube-- first-grade teacher Hailey Glynn who works in the Buffalo School District says she wanted to make sure resources were available for her students and their parents. She started making videos in March taking about vowels, different sight word games, and how to create some crafts.

“I thought it was a very overwhelming time for everyone and I new families that reached out that needed a little more help,” Glynn said.

Now that it’s summertime-- Ms. Glynn has reflected on these past few months and is planning for another uncertain school year.

“I don’t know that any teacher after this experience will go back to exactly how they were teaching before,” Glynn said.

She says she has learned so much about the importance of communicating more with parents and building a stronger relationship with them. She says she will also add tech-friendly activities to her lessons in the classroom.

“I will definitely take the importance of parents having access to their child’s curriculum," Glynn added.

Ms. Glynn is continuing to prepare for a virtual or in-person classroom and will continue to make her YouTube videos. She even wrote a book you can buy on Amazon called when Virona the Corona Came to Town.