Western New York school district to begin serving dinner

California just passed a law guaranteeing all students lunch at school
Posted at 5:33 PM, Oct 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-23 14:32:02-04

Niagara Falls elementary school cooks may soon be adding another meal to their plate.

The district is applying for federal funding to provide dinner for any student who participates in an after school program.

"It's very important our kids get proper nutrition and eat breakfast lunch and dinner, and we believe it's the school's responsibility," said School Superintendent, Mark Laurrie.

The district hopes to start serving dinner by February, and just like breakfast and lunch, it will be a hot and healthy meal. "I want to be clear. This isn't just a grab and go granola bar," Laurrie said. This is a hot meal prepared by our cooks making our student lunches and breakfasts," he added.

The district would become the first in western New York to offer supper to its students.

Niagara Falls City school parents like Anne Pugh like the idea. The mom of six still has four kids in school and while she said they never go hungry, it would be nice to have another option. "I think it's good. Just in case they don't have anything to eat at home. That might be the only thing they eat that day. you know anything to help the kids out," Pugh said.

Laurrie said they're still waiting for final federal funding approval. But, once the program is up and running, he believes it will make a difference for the students they serve. "That should set them up for a good night's sleep and a better day the next day."