Buffalo Public Schools cancel in-person and virtual learning for March 15

Posted at 6:47 PM, Mar 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-15 13:18:44-04

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — Buffalo Public Schools are canceling both online and in-person instruction for Monday, March 15, according to a letter sent out by School Superintendent Dr. Kriner Cash.

“On Monday, March 15th, all district and school based staff will report to their respective sites. Students will remain at home and will not receive in person or remote instruction. The district will use tomorrow to pressure test system restoration and access as well as communicate any new or required information for students to access virtual learning tools once instruction resumes. Principals will be given instructions from IT regarding specifics on how school staff will assist with these recovery efforts,” Cash said in the letter.

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Cash cancels virtual learning for March 15 after the district experienced a cyber attack.

The district had to cancel virtual learning Friday after it said it was hacked by ransomware.

“Full recovery after a cybersecurity attack on an organization, is a multi-phased process. The district is making headway in restoring critical systems that support the primary function of teaching and learning. We have also prioritized the recovery of any affected business operation systems. The district will implement a longer term comprehensive initiative to enhance IT security and infrastructure going forward.,” said Cash.

As far as personal information, it's unclear what may have been taken or exposed, the letter said it may take two weeks before the district and investigators know more about that.

Monday was supposed to be Phase Two of BPS students returning to in-person classes, instead the district says Monday will be used to test any systems that were affected.

The district says they will also use Monday to send any information out to students and families about re-accessing virtual learning tools.

Cash said district and school based staff should report to work on Monday.

The district is working with the FBI to find out who is responsible.