Extension cord suspected in Riverside house fire

Posted at 8:04 AM, Jun 02, 2017

A Buffalo homeowner says he believes an extension cord is to blame for the fire that broke out in his Riverside home Friday morning.

The fire started just before 5 a.m. in the top floor of a home on Crowley Avenue.

Homeowner Brian Reid said he tried to run up and put it out, but he was overcome by smoke and had to evacuate the home.

"I lost everything. I have nothing left now," Reid said.

Reid's girlfriend and her adult children were also in the home at the time. A 21-year-old woman had to escape to the roof, where she was rescued by fire crews. She suffered from smoke inhalation but is expected to be okay.

Even though Reid believes the fire started with an extension cord, Buffalo Fire officials say the cause of the blaze is still under investigation.

"He's given us information regarding something his son saw up there and fire investigators have that information," said Battalion Chief Mike Swanekamp. "They'll go in and remove all the debris and reconstruct the layout of the room."

Swanekamp told 7 Eyewitness News a Fire Captain had to go to the hospital for stitches for cuts he received while working on the fire.

Officials estimate the fire caused $75,000 in damage to the structure of the home and $40,000 in damage to the contents.