Evans police: Narcan saves overdose patient

Posted at 8:31 AM, Dec 23, 2014
and last updated 2015-12-18 08:29:22-05

Police in the Town of Evans are crediting the use of Narcan with saving the life of an overdose victim.

In a statement, authorities say on Monday, officers responded to a 26-year-old man who had overdosed on heroin. The statement continues to read that the man was found hunched over in a chair struggling to breathe.

Lieutenant Michael Massulo administered Narcan, a medication that works as a nasal injection to save patients from opiate overdoses.

"Within minutes, the victim became conscious," the statement reads, adding that this is the first time the Town of Evans Police Department saved an overdose victim using Narcan.

The man was taken to Erie County Medical Center. His condition is unknown.