Erie County & SPCA Partner For A Good Cause

Posted at 7:58 PM, Jul 12, 2016

Today, Erie County Sheriff Timothy Howard and SPCA Executive Director Gary Willoughby announced their latest partnership - a new inmate rehabilitation program called, "Pups at the Pen." 

The program will pair selected female inmates with pups up for adoption together over the course of six to seven weeks. During that time, inmates will train the dogs, teach them socialization skills, care for them and teach them all of the necessary skills they need to survive. The dogs, will likewise, give inmates a sense of responsibility and purpose during their time together. 

Sheriff Timothy Howard says, "The goal of this program is to provide new skills to the inmates and the dogs while preparing both for a new life."

The Erie County SPCA will provide food, veterinarian care, sleeping crates and training throughout the program. They also plan to introduce new dogs every two months, with the hope that more and more dogs get adopted as an increasing number of inmates learn new skills.