Erie County Sheriff's Office seeks truck that struck deputy directing traffic after Bills game

Posted at 9:11 AM, Nov 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-27 10:34:31-05

The Erie County Sheriff's Office is attempting to locate a truck that struck and injured a deputy following Sunday's Buffalo Bills game at New Era Field.

The incident happened at approximately 4:35 p.m. The sheriff's office said the deputy was working his traffic post at Big Tree Road and Route 219 when the truck hit the deputy, before continuing onto Route 219 northbound.

The deputy was transported to Erie County Medical Center and treated for a serious arm injury. His or her identity or condition were not made known.

The truck was described in the police report filed after the incident as a dark blue or black mid-2000’s Ford F-250 dually model. The sheriff's office said it had large, extended mirrors and a full, rear-window, white hunting-related decal. The decal had a blue letter, possibly that of a business logo.

If you may have seen this vehicle or know of a similar truck, the Sheriff's Office asks you to call 858-2903.

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