Erie county offers 'fatherhood connection' classes

Posted at 5:48 AM, Jul 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-18 06:59:20-04

The Erie County Department of Social Services is implementing a program that's had success in other parts of the state, called the "Fatherhood Connection."

The 13-week program aims at creating stronger homes by empowering fathers, who may have been distanced by from their families by incarceration or personal issues, to become more active in the lives of their families.

"We try to empower these dads to become resources for their families, but also the community as well," says John Pryzbyl, who works for the department of social services. He's one of the instructors in the class.

Pryzbyl says this class is opening doors for men to connect and discuss issues in a safe place.

"Mothers are so important in our society. We need to also add the men, to the have influence too in many levels," says Rolando Gomez, a Spanish-speaking caseworker at the department of social services.

The course is held weekly at the Faith Bible Tabernacle Church at 391 Edison Street in Buffalo from 6 to 8 p.m. It runs until October 12th, but enrollment is rolling, so you can join at any time and complete a 13-week course.

"Fatherhood Connection" covers topics like parenting, boyhood, communication skills, healthy relationships, conflict resolution and problem solving.

The class is completely optional and has about ten members currently.

To register for the class, you can contact a ECDSS Caseworker or call John Pryzbyl at (716) 858-8767. You can also call Eric Maldonado at (716) 468-0000.