Erie County lawmakers question NFTA over ride sharing fee

Posted at 6:48 PM, Jul 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-06 18:48:56-04

Ride sharing is now available for western New Yorkers and not everyone is happy about the NFTA's decision to charge fees for Lyft rides to and from the airports. 

Thursday, the head of the NFTA answered questions about the charge, which cab companies have already been paying for years.

The big questions from Erie County lawmakers, why is the extra fee necessary and how did the NFTA come up with the $3 surcharge for Lyft. 

Kimberley Minkel, the executive director of the NFTA says that charge is comparable to other airports. 

The NFTA believes it will lose a substantial amount of money in parking revenue, maybe upwards of $2 million this year because of ride sharing.

The NFTA is currently in a one year deal with ride sharing companies. It will re-evaluate its deals with Uber and Lyft next year. Minkel says the NFTA simply doesn't have enough information right now to know if it is charging the appropriate amount. 


Uber did come to an agreement to pay the NFTA a one-time payment of $180,000 for the year. Lyft customers have to pay $3 for pick up and drop off at the airport.