Erie County GOP Chair endorses Trump

Posted at 6:28 PM, Mar 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-04 13:28:04-05

Mitt Romney’s statements he made Thursday about Donald Trump has a Wyoming County voter named Scott making a statement of his own. “I'm dumping the party today because they bring out some hack, loser, named Mitt Romney just for an establishment opinion.”

Thursday morning, Romney said Trump's tax plan is bad for Americans and called him dishonest and fake among other things. Some Republicans agree with Romney’s characterization. “He's right. He's a really, really rich guy and how can he relate to us who are not really, really rich?” questioned East Aurora resident, Corinne Pazder.

However, Erie County Republican Committee Chairman Nick Langworthy says the GOP headquarters received countless calls from republicans who are outraged with Romney’s actions. The Chairman said he is too “What this smacks to me of is a desperate attempt by a failed candidate to have at outsized role in this nomination process.” Ultimately, Langworthy decided to endorse Trump. “Whatever you think of Trump, you have to respect the fact that he has gained the supports and the votes across this country.”

Trump supporters like Michael Caputo agree. He said Romney made the speech at the direction of the establishment. He also said Romney’s motives weren't pure. “When the big game came, he was the one who lost it for us. And this is his Cam Newton post game presser. He's bitter. He wants another shot at the presidency.”

The New York State Convention is Friday in Buffalo. Langworthy said he expects Romney’s speech to be discussed. But, he doesn’t think it will be a distraction.

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