Erie County District Attorney: North Tonawanda man is serial burglar

Posted at 12:00 PM, Mar 01, 2018

Robert Wasyl of North Tonawanda is accused of burglarizing the same Town of Tonawanda church for a second time.

Erie County District Attorney John Flynn says Wasyl stole money and a watch from St. Timothy's on East Park Drive about 10 years ago. He returned to the same church to steal items from the rectory of St. Timothy's on September 11th of 2017.

Wasyl was indicted in Erie County Court Thursday morning. He has a long history of criminal activity, with at least four prior felony convictions and four misdemeanors.

North Tonawanda Police arrested Wasyl after a home invasion on September 21st of 2017.

Wasyl was remanded without bail while he waits for his case to be assigned.

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