Enjoy the rest of summer by learning to sail!

Posted at 4:14 AM, Aug 07, 2018

Unfortunately the end of summer is just around the corner, but you can maximize the sunshine and enjoy our waterfront while it's still warm by learning a skill that'll get you out on the water!

Sail Buffalo has a home at the Outer Harbor and offers classes for absolute beginners, junior sailors and those who need a refresher course.

There are two class schedule formats for learning the ropes. You can have an "intense weekend" schedule where you'll start with a dock session on a Friday, ending late on Sunday with a written exam. You'll have lots of on-the-water training between. You can also try a more relaxed training schedule, stretched out over a week. You'll have the choice of Monday through Wednesday or Tuesday through Thursday. Classes run from May to October.

The non-profit organization was the first to settle at the Outer Harbor five years ago. Sail Buffalo offers programs for kids with other organizations, like the Buffalo City Mission and Cradle Beach. 

Sail Buffalo Sailing School is located at 2 Fuhrman Boulevard, Buffalo 14203. You can reach them at (716) 432-6589.

To find out more about classes, their costs, junior sail camps and to register, you can click here.

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