Enhanced security coming to Canalside

Measures include more police, security checkpoints
Posted at 10:39 PM, Jul 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-13 12:18:30-04

One week after people went running for their lives at Canalside's Fourth of July fireworks event, 7 Eyewitness News has learned added measures will be put in place to improve public safety.

Last Monday, reports of shots fired at Canalside's Fourth of July fireworks show sent event-goers scrambling.  Video showed people running away from the waterfront site.  

After a police investigation, it was determined that no shots were fired.  However, that determination did little to quell concerns from some residents who were at the July 4th event when the exodus happened.

In late May, a teenager was arrested for carrying a gun on him at the Canalside Boardwalk Carnival.  Following that incident, security was stepped up for the duration of that event.

On Tuesday, Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown told 7 Eyewitness News Anchor Ashley Rowe that the Buffalo Police Department and the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation had met to discuss safety plans at Canalside.

"We feel there's a strong plan in place, and that plan is going to be enhanced, and people will see those enhancements the next time they attend events at Canalside," Brown said.

ECHDC officials released a list of new security measures on Wednesday. Some of these measures will be implemented immediately while others will be phased in over time.

? Additional Buffalo Police Officers will be stationed at Canalside to assist Canalside’s private security team in enforcement of rules.
? Buffalo Police Department will establish a substation at Canalside.
? Increased presence of Buffalo Peacemakers, an organization that provides guidance and mentoring to at-risk youth.
? Increased lighting to illuminate dark areas.
? Better control at site perimeters (e.g., double fencing).
? Enhanced security screening.

Please also note the following changes to the concert and large event security policy that will be occurring over the next several weeks: 
? Any patron who has been ejected and attempts re-entry will be charged with criminal trespassing.
? Gates close at 9:30 p.m. and no one will be allowed into the concert after that time.
? No backpacks will be allowed.

As has been the case for all concerts and large events this season, all patrons are subject to security screening at the entry gates. 

? Bags (Bag Policy – only diaper bags and small purses/handbags are permitted)
? Cell Phones
? Keys
? Electronic Devices
? Chairs

? Backpacks
? Weapons of any kind
? Illegal drugs/drug paraphernalia
? Fireworks
? Glass containers
? Outside food or beverage, including coolers
? All professional video and photo cameras
? Recording devices
? Selfie sticks, Tripods or Monopods
? Laser pointers
? Air Horns
? Animals (unless a service animal)
? Bicycles (within the secure perimeter)
? Any item deemed inappropriate or dangerous by security

In addition, this season there are new protocols regarding alcohol consumption. 

? Any guest who is deemed intoxicated upon arrival will not be permitted to enter.
? Anyone under the age of 21 who possesses alcohol will be ejected from the site.
? Any adult who provides alcohol to somebody under the age of 21 will be ejected.
? Staff may ask for proof of age from anyone wishing to purchase alcohol.
? There will be a maximum of two beers sold to any one person.
? Anyone who staff believes to be intoxicated will be immediately ejected.