Email from Uber relaunches #NYNeedsUber

Email from Uber relaunches #NYNeedsUber
Posted at 11:25 AM, Nov 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-16 12:04:04-05

You may have noticed during your morning email checks today that you had a note from that oh-so-popular-but-nowhere-to-be-found-in-New-York-State ride sharing company, Uber.

Uber NY relaunched its #NYNeedsUber campaign by reminding upstate New Yorkers they live in one of the last places in the country without access to ride sharing apps. The email appealed to the 1.5 million residents living outside of New York City who already have the Uber app on their phones, urging New Yorkers to tell their state leaders they want Uber in their communities.

Last year, hundreds of community leaders, including Mayor Byron Brown, joined the #NYNeedsUber campaign.

In response to Uber's renewed lobbying efforts, John Tomassi, President of the Upstate Transoportation Association, released the following statement:

"If Uber really wants to expand upstate, it must finally agree to fingerprint background checks for all potential drivers," said Tomassi. "Uber drivers are already fingerprinted in New York City. Don't upstate riders deserve to be safe too?"