Elmwood Village business still booming despite relocating businesses

Posted at 6:03 PM, Dec 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-06 18:02:57-05

With Ashker's, a popular Elmwood Village restaurant closing its Elmwood Ave location, it joins a growing list of businesses pulling out of the historic shopping district.

While some businesses are moving out, others are taking advantage of what they fell is a growing community.

"It's a happin place." says Kirs Grimmer, a tattoo artist at 7 Seas tattoos in the Elmwood Village.  "There's a lot of foot traffic, there's a lot of trendiness, there's a lot of people wanting tattoos."

Grimmer says the shop, which expanded from its Orchard Park Location has seen success in the Elmwood Village, and Sarah Nasca, the Co-Owner of Ashker's tells us their Elmwood location was successful as well, but they're hoping to focus on other expansion opportunities.

"Elmwood has been a fantastic area for the last six and a half years we made it our home.  It's been a wonderful street, a wonderful avenue to be a part of.  We're really just looking to expand our vision and the project of what we're trying to do in the community."

The popular restaurant has opened a location on Amherst street in Buffalo's Black Rock District, and will also be expanding into a new Downtown location in the ACB building near City Hall in early 2018.

While those expansion plans have lead Ashker's to leave Elmwood for now, Nasca says they're already thinking about how to be a part of the village in the future.

"We haven't done any looking yet, but we;re always open to going back home there."