Ellicottville hoping for Thanksgiving snow

Posted at 6:13 PM, Nov 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-17 23:16:17-05

When it comes to a forecast with cold and snow, no one gets more excited than the people of Ellicottville.

“I think people think that we are due,” said John Rounds.

Two years ago, Round reopened ‘Adventure Bound on the Fly’ hoping for strong sales, but ‘Mother Nature’ only provided mild unpredictable winters.

“Just didn’t have the traffic, didn’t have the visits,” he said. “It definitely tested our deep resolve.”

Hearing that winter weather is on the way is a huge relief for the store, and all Ellicottville business owners.

It’s also hopeful news for skiers. Even though the snow hasn’t started falling from the sky yet, it has been cold enough for crews at Holiday Valley to start making man-made snow.

If the forecast holds up, the ski resort plans to open the day after Thanksgiving, something that has not happened in years.

This year, the Village of Ellicottville is planning to put a 30-foot high ski tree to be lit the Friday after Thanksgiving, for the start of Christmas in Ellicottville, and having snow and skiing will add the perfect touch.

While having snow for Thanksgiving weekend, it will not make up for the past few winters.

It is hoped that Ellicottville will once again be able to live up to its reputation of being winter’s playground.