Elevated lead levels found in Lackawanna schools

Higher lead levels found in a variety of sources
Elevated lead levels found in Lackawanna schools
Posted at 9:23 PM, Oct 20, 2016

Parents of students in the Lackawanna City School District received a letter confirming elevated lead levels have been found in four schools.

The letter says the lead was found in water samples from a "variety of sources, including drinking fountains and sink faucets" at Truman, Martin Road Middle and High Schools, and McKinley.

School officials received the water testing results last Friday.  Acting Superintendent Lisa A. Almasi says District officials acted quickly to turn off all affected sources.  The letter indicates that they will remain turned off until lead levels are below the acceptable limit.  District officials have also shut off all of the drinking fountains.

"Follow-up testing is currently underway to determine where the lead is coming from.  Any faucets, fittings or pipes that have been identified as a source of lead will be replaced," Almasi wrote.

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