Election commissioners expect lower voter turnout than 2008

Posted at 6:15 PM, Nov 07, 2016

With just hours left until Election Tuesday, both Hillary Clinton and Donald's Campaigns are making last minute push for votes in Erie County.

"We've identified every possible Republican and Trump Supporter we can to get out and vote on Tuesday," said Erie County Republican Committee Chair, Nick Langworthy.

Volunteers are packing campaign offices to man the phone and going door to door trying to get votes. According to both election commissioners there are 600,000 registered voters in Erie County. They are expecting at least 70 percent of them to show up at the polls on Tuesday. However, that number is down compared to the nearly 75 percent that showed up to the historical 2008 presidential election.

Canisius College Political Science Professor, Dr. Kevin Hardwick believes Clinton will win nationally. But he doesn't think she will carry Erie County. Hardwick expects a slew of non-traditional voters who are Trump supporters to show up Tuesday.

"It's certainly going to help Chris Jacobs in his race against Amber Small for the 6th Senate District and it may help decide the out come of the control of the New York State Senate," Hardwick said.

"I don't think that's going to happen. I think people are coming home to support Hillary because they know she is the only person that can be the commander-and-chief on day one, " said Erie County Democratic Committee Chair, Jeremy Zellner.

If you want to double check where your polling place is, the Erie County Board of Elections has a tool on its website where you can enter your information to make sure your voting status is active, and to check your current polling location.