Oregon pot shops expect crowds during eclipse

Posted at 12:33 AM, Aug 11, 2017

For two minutes and eight seconds, the day will turn to night on August 21st in Huntington Oregon. The town of just under 500 people is in the path of totality and is expecting thousands of tourists.

Huntington's growing marijuana industry is expecting it to be a busy week. Even busier than April 20th, the unofficial marijuana lover's holiday.

"We're expecting 10,000 or even more we've heard from some of the predictions that people are staying here for the eclipse," said Steven Meland Co-Owner of Hotbox Farms.

Steven said it will be all hands-on deck at their pot shop. Their 21 employees will be working around the clock starting four days before the eclipse. To keep up with the potential demand, they're working to get as much of the green stuff as they can before the crowds start showing up.

"We've got guys out around the state compiling product and purchasing product to make sure we have enough different product for people and we don't run out," explained Meland.

But just a couple blocks away at 420Ville, workers are taking a more relaxed approach. Saying they already have enough bud on hand to go around. 

"In between harvest season we usually stock up we got a bunch of safes in there that are fully loaded so we should be prepared," said 420Ville employee Mandy Bravo. 

But even if marijuana isn't your thing Huntington is also offering fun and family friendly activities combining their annual Pioneer Days Celebration with the eclipse. 

"We're excited and we're ready and looking forward to a big party over the weekend," said Janice Darelli of the Huntington Chamber of Commerce.

While finding a place to stay in Huntington for the eclipse may be hard to do the Chamber of Commerce said a handful of campsites at the local school are still available.