East Aurora home sends strong political message

Posted at 11:39 PM, Feb 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-03 01:13:16-05
Driving down North Willow Street in East Aurora, it's hard to miss the political message being send by the homeowner on the corner. 
Cars, stopping and driving slow, taking time to read hand-written signs, quoting political figures like Theodore Roosevelt and Martin Luther King Jr. 
"People are very fearful right now," said Sheila Petrocy-Green who owns the home. "There's no more important time in history to use your voice than right now."
Petrocy-Green says she was inspired by the Women's March she attended in Seneca Falls the day after President Trump was inaugurated. 
"There was so much energy and enthusiasm," she said. 
Her yard is decorated side-to-side with yards of fabric and dozens of signs. Some read, "A lie is a lie, not an alternate fact." Another reads, "Men of quality do not fear equality."
 "Right now I don't even feel that this is about party," she said. "This is about what's going on in America. This is about our democracy, the values that we stand for."
But the display is a bit too loud for some neighbors in the area. Several pulled us aside when we went to the home, saying they have concerns about the signs. Neighbors, didn't want to appear on camera but say several people have called the Village to complain.
Some believe the signs are inviting confrontation to the neighborhood. One neighbor calls the display "embarrassing" and "an eyesore."
I asked her what she would say to anyone who opposes.
"My goal is not to anger or provoke. My goal is to educate and make people stop and think and not be afraid to speak up."