Dunkirk Mayor Wilfred Rosas gives first State of the City address

Posted at 2:20 PM, Jan 28, 2017

A standing ovation took place as Dunkirk Mayor Wilfred Rosas walked into a room in City Hall to deliver his first State of the City address.

"I wanted him to be the mayor," said Patrick Deering, who moved to Dunkirk 35 years ago. "We needed a change, and it seems to be working out."

Change is what the people of Dunkirk say they've wanted and needed for years now.

"There was a time when jobs were a little bit rough to get and everything but I think it's coming up," said Bobbi Deering, Patrick's wife, who has lived in Dunkirk all her life.

A sense of hope for both Bobbi and Patrick, especially after hearing Mayor Rosas, the first elected Hispanic Mayor in New York State say jobs will be on the rise as new developments come to Dunkirk.

"The governor's looking to put the pharmaceutical plant here at the Town of Dunkirk," said Mayor Wilfred "Willie" Rosas, referring to an Athenex plant. "That will create 900 jobs and that is going to be a boost to our local economy here in the City of Dunkirk."

"The jobs that are coming into the area were the most important thing to keep our children here and our future here," said Bobbi. "It's very important that we have good people stay, work, and play here."

Speaking of "play", Mayor Rosas says he is working to develop Dunkir's waterfront, bringing in a new hotel, and a new marina owner.

"There's a lot of hope for Dunkirk," said Mayor Rosas. "Dunkirk is on the move and we're coming back."

2016 was the mayor's first full year in office. His State of the City address lasted 50 minutes Friday afternoon.