'Driver Watchdog' keeps an eye on your driving

Posted at 6:29 PM, Mar 05, 2018

Two cameras, one facing forward and one facing the driver, allow parents and loved ones to monitor at-risk drivers, like beginners.

This is the vision of Christian Johnson, a Buffalo inventor who is working on the Wi-Fi-capable 'Driver Watchdog'. The device, which sticks to the windshield and hangs just below the rear-view mirror, connects to a guardian's cell phone, allowing them to see their driver in real-time.

The prototype has features like a fatigue sensor, monitoring alertness through eye scanning. It records the road and the driver if any footage needs to be saved, and monitors if the vehicle has been in an accident. The 'Driver Watchdog' also has an emergency alert feature if the driver needs assistance.

Johnson, a single mother, created the device with her teenage son and diabetic mother in mind. If anything happened to them while driving, she wanted to be able to be there in a moment's notice.