Dozens in Lewiston gather to condemn flyers

Posted at 11:28 PM, Apr 03, 2017

Dozens in Lewiston packed village hall to show their frustration with the flyers spread by Scott Lacy on March 22nd and 23rd.

“To have something like this in our backyard, it's a little scary,” said Amber Don-Hauser of Lewiston.

According to Lacy the flyers were to, "raise awareness with whites about the plight of our people." The Southern Poverty Law Center says Lacy is a part of the Aryan Renaissance Society.
Monday, the Lewiston Village Board condemned his actions.

“This situation has just got more attention than it actually deserves. It's just way out of line and shouldn't be tolerated and it's not what we're about,” said Village Trustee Bruce Sutherland.

People from all around Niagara County joined together to say Lacy's actions would not be tolerated in their community.

“People with these types of ideologies, racist prejudices, you can't let them have the power,” said Don-Hauser.

“It's just a peaceful, nice community, not white supremacists sending messages like this. We're not like this at all,” said Matt Duffy of Lewiston.

Lacy, from Niagara Falls, would only face a littering fine for his flyers. None of the flyers threatened anyone, just called for people to gather, which falls under the protections of the first amendment.