Dog's fate to be decided in Lancaster Court

Posted at 11:47 PM, May 31, 2017

Gypszi is a four year old female pit bull. She's away from her family right now. The Town of Lancaster removed her from her home after she and another dog on the same street, a bull mastiff, fought earlier in May. There was a child nearby.

The owner of the bull mastiff wants action. In a deposition she says:

“Her dog had 4 puncture wounds, two split nails and a 3 inch gash in her leg.”

She doesn't want "another animal or child to be scarred or killed by this vicious animal."

She requests the dog be put down.

Kelly Speaker, Gypszi's owner says the altercation and what happened after was a misunderstanding. She offered to pay for the vet bills.

The deposition says Gypzsi has attacked before. Speaker says that's not true.
She says Gypszi is a loving dog. Gypzsi's case will be in Lancaster town court on Thursday.

Speaker's lawyer, Matt Albert, is trying to reach a deal with the bull mastiff's owner, who could not be reached for this story. Albert doubts Gypszi will be put down because he believes the dog was trying to protect a child.

“If dogs think they are protecting an individual or a family member than they are exempt from being found dangerous under the law,” said Albert.