Does warmer weather lead to more car crashes?

Posted at 11:26 PM, Jun 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-02 14:32:02-04

The end of May was deadly on Western New York roads. Four separate car crashes on May 31st claimed the lives of four people in Erie and Niagara counties.

AAA says with the nicer weather, we have now entered the "100 deadliest days.""

"That's as scary as it sounds," said Elizabeth Carey, a AAA spokeswoman. "That's the period of time between Memorial Day and Labor Day when teen crashes are historically high."

There are more people out enjoying the weather. Children are playing, bicyclists and motorcyclists are out on the roads, enjoying the nice weather. That fun could turn deadly if drivers, especially inexperienced ones are not taking their time behind the wheel seriously.

"The top three distractions are taking to other people in the car, using a handheld device or tending to other things," Carey said.

Chris Duquin owns Stevens Driving School. He teaches young drivers the rules of the road, and also agrees, this time of year more than ever, it's important for teens to pay attention to their driving.

"Defensive driving really means observing what's going on around you, and knowing how to respond to it," Duquin said.