Does eating sugar affect your mood? Studies are saying 'yes'

Posted at 5:57 PM, Sep 28, 2017

"They're grown today and very conscientious and aware of what they put in their bodies," Gerri Grossman, a mother to two daughters, said.

Grossman says cutting sugar from her family's life has become a lifestyle to live healthier lives.

"Quality of life, mood, health," she said. "Present and future."

Health experts say that sugar-free approach is smart.
Research by Columbia University found that overeating foods high in sugar can increase your risk of depression.  

One study found large intakes of sugar increased the risk of depression in men more than 20 percent. 

If the blood sugar levels are too high, then our body sends insulin to level it out. But if the insulin lowers it too much, it can have a stress hormone response and that's when our bodies can experience mood and behavioral changes.

"If you have a drop in blood sugar there will be a rise in irritability, agitation, depression, anxiety," Tricia Sauer, a Buffalo Registered and Certified Dietitian Nutritionist, said. 

Sauer explained if your blood sugar drops because of eating too many refined or bad sugars, you'll experience a sugar crash, which will then lead to fluctuations in mood. 

"You need a steady level amount of sugar in your blood to keep your brain fueled at a stead pace," Sauer said.