DMV urges motorists to check if they're affected by latest recalls

Posted at 12:37 PM, Jan 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-12 12:48:18-05

An expanded recall on a certain brand of airbags is causing the New York State  Department of Motor Vehicles to urge car owners to check if their car is affected. 

Both Toyota and Honda announced the addition of 1,000,000 cars to the recall list in the U.S. because of issues with Takata airbags, according to the DMV. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says Takata airbags can explode when the airbag deploys, causing serious injury or even death. 

Officials tell us Takata supplied these defective airbags to many vehicle manufacturers for years, creating what the agency is calling one of the "largest and complex recalls in U.S. history." 

It's a specific type of Takata inflator in some cars that are causing the latest recall, according to the DMV. 

Takata says a safety defect may arise in the front passenger airbag inflators due to degradation of a propellant. This occurs after prolonged exposure to high temperatures and high humidity, which can cause the inflator to rupture when the airbag deploys. 

Over 600,000 Toyota's and Lexus' will be affected in the U.S. while approximately 465,000 additional Honda and Acura vehicles in the U.S. are also being affected.

Those affected by this can schedule a no-cost repair immediately at authorized Honda and Acura dealers. Toyota and Lexus dealers will do the same. 

Visit the NHTSA SaferCar website to find out if your vehicle is apart of this or any other recall.