Despite a rain delay Bills fans are glad the Bills are back

Posted at 11:18 PM, Aug 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-04 23:18:34-04

The Bills returned to Orchard Park on Friday to practice in front of Bills fans at New Era Field. Their first opponent of the season wasn't an NFL rival, however, it was the elements. Rain and thunderstorms delayed practice for almost an hour. 

The Bills suggested everyone shelter in place within the stadium, or in their cars in the parking lot. Some fans were prepared for this as they drove in.

"The sky was totally black." Rick Kingston who went to the practice from Rochester said, "We were driving right into it, it was pouring out."

Kingston and two friends left at 2:00 to make it for the 5:30 practice. Regardless of the weather, they were prepared to watch some football. 

"We would have come if it was snowing or raining," AJ Casciani, a friend of Kingston said, "We would have been here."

Bills fans are used to sitting through games in the elements making one rainstorm no different. Fans have been waiting for 17 years to see a Bills playoff game, so one hour doesn't compare. 

"It's just a little rain. This is nothing, absolutely nothing. After what we've been through over fifty years its not a big deal" Jim Geiger, an original Bills season ticket holder said. 

Fans were able to watch the entire practice after the delay was ended, which helped with some fans optimism. 

Predictions for what the Bills record would be ranged from 4-12, to 10-6, to 16-0 and ultimately one fan claiming the Bills would win the Super Bowl. 

While predictions did range, all fans we spoke to were glad that Bills season was back.