Deputy honored for saving elderly couple from burning car

Posted at 1:00 PM, Dec 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-16 13:06:03-05

Just weeks before celebrating his one year anniversary with the Erie County Sheriff's Office, Deputy Brian Pauly was honored for saving an elderly couple from a burning car.

Joseph Lorigo read a proclamation from the Erie County Legislature, honoring Deputy Pauly for his bravery and swift actions.

Roger Bostwick was driving with his girlfriend in the Town of Elma, when he collided with another car at the intersection of Clinton Street and Bowen Road. His SUV rolled over and ended up on its roof. Driving by was Deputy Brian Pauly, who was off duty at the time.

25 year-old Pauly pulled over and immediately rushed to help the couple trapped inside the car. Flames were visible from the underside of the vehicle. With the help of a volunteer firefighter and other good samaritans, Pauly was able to get the couple to safety. 

"I’m very thankful because I’m here today because of that guy. He saved our lives. I believe that for whatever reason he was there, I needed him there that day," said Bostwick, calling Pauly the son he never had. The trio reunited for the first time since the crash at the Elma Town Hall.

Pauly remains humble about his actions saying, "This is the reason you get into the job for. Stuff like that when you feel like you’re able to make a difference, that’s your reward for it." He credits the help of bystanders in saving Bostwick and his girlfriend.

"I pray that he goes on to have a great life, his family too," said Bostwick. He called Pauly his guardian angel, crediting him for saving his life in time to celebrate his 73rd birthday next week.