Depew Schools making student safety a priority by introducing school resource officer

District also adds student-focused programs
Posted at 9:56 AM, Sep 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-06 11:37:01-04

A new school year means a lot of new things for the Depew Union Free School District.

For one, it means a renewed push for student safety. Depew is introducing a school resource officer, Detective Scott Hossfeld. His office will be inside Depew High School. "I'm a little nervous, like anyone is on their first day of school," says Hossfeld. 

Having a school resource officer will allow students to have an accessible relationship with law enforcement and provide an additional layer of protection for students. "Anything we can do, from a locked door to a security guard or a security system, it all helps," says Hossfeld.

"The training we have for police officers and our restrictions and rules is no different for an officer on the street or one in the school. An officer on duty, is an officer on duty and they have to be prepared for the most minor situation and the worst possible thing. Any time an officer in Depew is on duty, they have to carry a weapon," says Hossfeld when asked about being armed in the school.

Depew is also in the midst of a renovation of its athletic fields, providing safer spaces for students to stay active and healthy.

The district is also implementing new plans and improving previous focuses on celebrating achievements outside of academics and insuring the health and mental well-being of students. Administrators stress the focus of making the schools a comfortable, home environment. That's why they've started a clothes closet, where students can trade or get clothing for every season. Donations can be dropped off at Depew High School.

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