Dent Neurologic Institute unveiling new centers & technology

Posted at 12:33 PM, Jun 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-16 12:33:30-04
Dent Neurologic Institute has gone through a series of four big changes. The medical campus opened a new Infusion Center, renovated the Headache, Concussion & Neuro-Oncology Center.
The other two changes include relocating the Pediatric Neurology Center on the third floor and adding new 3T MRI scanner.
"Our 3T MRI has all the bells and whistles of any MRI scanner in the country. Also for our patients we've added and audio and visual package which while they're in the scanner they can watch movies and TV shows," said Maria Caserta the director of marketing and community outreach and education. 
The infusion center can now seat up to 14 patients at one time. Patient chairs are temperature controlled and the lighting in the room is dim. 
The Headache, Concussion & Neuro-Oncology Center expanded by 10 rooms, now allowing doctors to see up to 26 people at a time. Each room in the center on the sixth floor is equipped with smart board technology. 
"The media screen shows the anatomy of the brain. We can actually slide back and forth to see what kind of problem the patient is having in a certain part of the brain and zoom in and draw on that area," said Shawn Ferger the clinic manager of the Headache, Concussion & Neuro-Oncology Center. 
Thursday night's open house starts at five and will run until around eight. Food, drinks, music and swag bags are included.