Danielle fourth named tropical storm in record time

Posted at 11:37 AM, Jun 20, 2016

Less than three full weeks into the Atlantic hurricane season and the National Hurricane Center has already named it's fourth tropical storm — Danielle.

This has been an unusual hurricane season to say the least. The season officially begins on June 1, but Hurricane Alex and Tropical Storm Bonnie both formed before that day arrived.

Tropical Storm Colin, the third storm of the season, was the earliest a third storm has ever formed.

Now that Danielle has been named, it's the earliest a fourth storm has ever developed.

The third and fourth named tropical storms of the year don't typically form until August 23 and August 31, respectively, which means it appears we're a full two months ahead of schedule.

While it's been busy so far, it doesn't necessarily mean the season will continue in this fashion.

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After all, in 2012 when Debby became the earliest fourth named storm of the season two-thirds of the way through June, July was completely quiet without any tropical activity for the entire month.

Tropical weather happens in fits and starts, and while it's unusually busy now, things could always slow down. And the peak of the season is typically in September.

But if we end up seeing Tropical Storm Earl before July 11, it'll be the earliest fifth named storm on record, beating out Hurricane Emily in 2005.

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