Daemen and ECC announce educational partnership for student veterans

Posted at 11:52 AM, Mar 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-26 11:52:24-04

Daemen College and SUNY Erie Community College have formed a new educational partnership.

The partnership is designed to provide student veterans and military aligned students a seamless transition from earning a SUNY Erie associate's degree to completing a bachelor's degree at Daemen.

Officials from both colleges signed the agreement for the dual admission program on March 26th.

Under the new agreement, student veterans and military aligned students may apply to the dual admission program at the time of submitting their SUNY Erie application or prior to completing 30 credits. Students will be eligible for transfer admission into parallel degree programs at Daemen upon completion of a SUNY Erie associate's degree and have also met the required minimum grade point average for admission to the college.        

Students may transfer to a number of degree programs at Daemen, including accounting, biology, business administration, health promotion, nursing, and social work, among others.

"The Daemen and SUNY Erie partnership draws on the strengths of both institutions to provide an outstanding educational opportunity for student veterans and military aligned students that supports their continued studies in a range of exceptional academic programs at our college," said Dr. Michael Brogan, Daemen vice president for academic affairs and dean of the college.

The agreement calls for Daemen to train SUNY Erie faculty and staff who will be involved in advising students enrolled in the dual admission program, with regular communication to continue between the two institutions as students advance through their SUNY Erie studies. Daemen's veteran services will also work with SUNY Erie to ensure a smooth transition for transferring students, including arranging for services or adaptive technologies as needed.

Consistently recognized as a top military friendly and veteran supportive institution, Daemen's veteran services are coordinated through the college's Nancy Haberman Gacioch Center for Veterans, which offers a place on campus where veterans, active duty service members, and military aligned students may study or connect with other students with military service. In addition to the center, the Daemen Student Veteran Alliance is an active advocacy organization for student veterans, and hosts several activities and events throughout the academic year.

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