Cuomo's NYC office received suspicious package

Cuomo's NYC office received suspicious package
Posted at 1:39 PM, Oct 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-24 15:05:32-04

Governor Andrew Cuomo's Manhattan office did receive a suspicious package Wednesday morning, but police do not believe it was part of what appears to be a larger campaign to send suspicious packages to high-ranking political officials and news organizations.

Cuomo confirmed his office received a suspicious device during a news conference in New York City Wednesday afternoon.

The NYPD later announced that the device sent to Cuomo's office was not a bomb and was not related to the other suspicious devices.

The news conference came in response to the suspicious package found in the CNN mailroom, which New York City's police commissioner said contained what appeared to be a live explosive and an envelope containing white powder. That substance was being tested to see if it is dangerous.

NYPD Police Commissioner James P. O'Neill , New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio and Cuomo all classified the packages as attempted acts of terrorism.

"This is the world we live in. Terrorism, the attempt to spread fear is the world we live in," Cuomo said. "We will not allow these terrorist thugs to change the way we live our lives."

The Time Warner Center was evacuated out of what officials are calling an abundance of caution.

Investigators said the device appeared to be similar to explosives sent to former President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and billionaire George Soros.

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